Saturday, July 3, 2010

Morelia, Michoacan

On our way back from Huetamo, Jose and I spent a night in Michoacan's historic capitol, Morelia. It is known as one of the most Spanish cities in Mexico. It is a nice city, but it seems that Mexico City has spoiled us and raised our standards too high. We stayed in a hotel right in the center filled with Colonial buildings, but as we walked down the streets and tried to admire the buildings, we kept coming back to "this is like a not-as-nice version of Mexico City's center". Even my well-traveled little sister loves Mexico City's center because apparently it is exactly like walking down a street in Europe. The Colonial section of Mexico City is only a small part of the city, and in Morelia it is almost the whole city, but the quality in Mexico City surpasses the quantity in Morelia.

We didn't see much of Morelia in one night, but it was great to have a mini vacation in a new city. We ate at a nice restaurant, feasted on way to much gelato, and enjoyed the chilly weather after four days of Huetamo's heat. As always, though, it was just as nice to get home.


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