Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With friends

I'm sitting on the couch now with Jose, Anna, her boyfriend Benjamin, and our friend Erick who lives in our building. Our couch is full and we've been laughing the whole time. Anna is happy and enjoying her dates with Benjamin. Jose is enjoying having guys around to talk about sports and poker. I'm just enjoying seeing them so happy and having people to hang out with.

We spent time looking through a dog trick book my aunt sent when we first got Cholula, deciding which tricks we should teach her and laughing at the ridiculous ones like "Pick Pocket Dog." We watched some of a movie, played with Cholula, and talked about what we've done and what we are going to do.

It feels so good to have a room full of people. Last night Jose, Anna, and I walked through the Coyoacan plaza and remembered how less than 2 months ago we walked through it every night looking for friends. After two weeks in Coyoacan, we were desperate and thought we would never have any friends. Now, we have enough friends that we can turn down offers we aren't interested in and actually have to schedule big outings so we are all available. Things fell into place here and we are all enjoying life.


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