Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've Procrastinated

I am not a procrastinator. For years I have been serious about that and been proud. But, I find that I do procrastinate with writing blog posts and it has been bothering me. I finally realized that even though I have good reasons to write these posts (my version of a diary, keeping everyone updated) I have to tell myself for days to sit down and write a post before I actually do. And its because I've been having such a good time, its hard to sit down and take time away from being with Jose, Anna, Cholula, and our new friends.

There are so many things I want to do, I'm actually running out of time each day. I write a "To Do" list at night, and each night I have to transfer a few "To Do's" over to the next day. A few months ago I had nothing to do, so I slept 13 or 14 hours a night. Now, waking up past 9:00 feels like a crime because I missed out on time with my family and Coyoacan.

Somehow life has filled up with things that feel important and make me happy. I still wish I could work or find a school here that excited me, but I appreciate how full my days have become. I barely even have time to think about what we would be doing in the United States, and that's success.


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