Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ready to Travel

We have been in Mexico City since the end of January, and I'm itching to get out of here. The three of us have been talking about taking a short trip of one or two days to a nearby city. We are thinking of Cuernavaca, Queretaro, or Puebla. We'll see when it happens and where we go. Jose and I finally got our credit card bill payed off (whew) after letting it get too high from furnishing two apartments in just a few months. So, starting in April that weight is off our shoulders and we are going to be golden financially. And then the traveling will begin.

Anna has already been to the Mexican beach, and I don't think it can get much better than Tulum and the Mexican Caribbean, so we are going to next look for mountains. Eventually we are going to visit Oaxaca and see the amazing mountain ranges there. But for now, the areas around Mexico City are filled with volcanoes and snowy peaks that will fulfill her mountain needs.

We are hoping that sometime before Anna leaves in June we will make it down to Central America to see Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, and wherever else we can manage. I'm surprisingly excited about Belize. I can't imagine suddenly being in an English speaking country while in Latin America. I really don't know much else about it other than they speak English. Guatemala and Costa Rica will be beautiful and culturally interesting.

I have done so much traveling in the last 7 months that I never expected to do. It has sparked the interest in traveling that I never thought I would have. I'm hoping to travel every few months while we're in Mexico in Mexico, Latin American, and Europe too. This will be the best time I ever have to travel and I want to make the most of it. You're welcome to join!


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