Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ball Is Rolling

Maybe things are starting to come together. Our friends at Yellow Cafe have been pushing Jose to their boss, and he might start working there in a few weeks. Its a cafe we love to visit, where two of our friends work, and its just a few blocks from our house. It would be a great opportunity for Jose to have something to do, meet new people, and hang out with the friends he already has. He is also going to sign up for the entrance exam at the polytechnic university where one of our friends goes for civil engineering. If Jose gets in, he would have to start at the first semester of the program, which will probably be annoying in some ways because he already finished 3 years of civil engineering at Cal Poly, but the course order is somewhat different. The polytechnic university here gets more in depth with computer programs like AutoCad in the beginning, so he would be learning some new things.

I'm waiting to see how things shape up before really deciding what I am going to do, but I have some ideas. I go a little crazy here so I need to figure something out. I'll know more at the end of the month and will really start working on a plan then.

Jose joined a gym and has been spending 3 hours a day working out with our neighbors, Erick and Miguel. He feels better after exercising, and I have a little more patience after a relaxing morning alone. It is about time we split up a little bit, because except for my trip back to the U.S., we haven't been apart for more than a few hours at a time for the last 8 months. We get along really well and have always been attached at the hip, but even for us that is too much.

Because Jose and I are going to be busy in a few months, we have decided to adopt another dog. Cholula has spent almost all her time with us living with other dogs in Chimalhuacan and having us around constantly. She is used to having another dog in her life and always being with us, but she will have to get used to spending most of the day without us when we start whatever it is we are going to start. So that she can have a friend who is always with her and she can really trust, we are adopting an 8 month old dog on Friday. Cholula is 9 months (we've already had her for 6!) so they should have very similar desires and play habits. He was a street dog before being picked up by a rescuer recently but he is very loving and interested in people and dogs. I can barely wait until Friday because I am so excited to see Cholula playing with her new life-long friend!


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