Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kahlo the Dog

We brought the new dog home on Friday evening. His name is Kahlo, after Frida Kahlo. We wanted a name that was related to Coyoacan, because we named Cholula after the town where we got her. Living just a few blocks from Frida Kahlo's house has been really significant for us, because it shows just how far we have come from Chimalhuacan. From a poverty and crime riddled neighborhood we moved to one where one of the proudest and most creative Mexicans spent her life. Frida fought through a difficult life, but was still filled with energy and love. Our Kahlo seems to have many of her traits, having come from the streets but still being excited about squirrels and always wanting to cuddle with us.

Kahlo and Cholula have been doing very well with the adjustments. We've had some growling matches, but they spend most of the day playing roughly and energetically until they fall asleep next to each other for the next few hours. I can already tell that they will have a very good relationship soon and that bringing Kahlo home for Cholula was the right choice.

I'm worried that I'm allergic to him. He has been with us for two full days now, and both days I've had an itchy nose and itchy and burning eyes. I've never had this issue before and its a lot worse when I touch him. He is shedding all over the place now because he is getting rid of his unhealthy street fur. It should all be gone in two months and replaced with a healthy coat that won't shed so much. Hopefully I just need to have a little patience and my discomfort will go away. Luckily its not bad enough for me to consider giving him back, I just need to keep my distance a little more.


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