Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jose's Plans

After a confusing few weeks of trying to decide if Jose could still register to take the entrance exam at the Polytechnic we finally figured out that its too late for this year.  Our friend Toño, the civil engineering student at the Polytechnic, asked at the admissions office and learned that it is not only too late, but Jose will be considered an international student and is going to have a hard time registering.  It looks like he might even have to get his transcripts notarized with some kind of international seal in California.  That could obviously cause some issues if he has to appear in person but can't enter the U.S.  Toño is going to take Jose to the admissions office to figure out everything that Jose needs to register next year.  It will be really helpful to have Toño's support, because Jose and I don't know how to deal with Mexican bureaucracies and know nothing about the forms and agencies we are told about.  Hopefully Jose and Toño can get everything sorted out so that next year Jose's registration for the entrance exam will go smoothly. 

Jose is mostly looking forward to working now.  I'm not sure how it will go because working in Mexico is so different than working in the U.S.  At Yellow Cafe, where Toño and Lalo work and Jose might start, the pay is $150 USD a month.  The employees work long shifts up to 10 hours at a time, many days each week, and often don't get off until midnight.  Jose was always a good worker at his jobs in the U.S., but he is used to getting a lot more money for so many hours of work.  It might be hard for him to handle getting (in our opinion) that ripped off.

We had a little party at our apartment last night with our neighbors Erick and Miguel and their friends.  I know that hanging out with friends is really important to Jose, and he was happier last night than I have seen him in awhile.  I even enjoyed the party because there was only 10 of us altogether so it didn't get loud or crazy.  Plus, I really like all the people we are getting to know.  I've made a few girlfriends, which shocking to me and everyone who knows me.

Jose and I make plans, and then they fall apart, so we have to replan. For the most part we are in the replanning stage now and its going well, although it often feels like we don't have many options.  We just have to keep going, and eventually things work out bit by bit.


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