Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quiet Time

We´ve had a busy two weeks with my mom and aunt visiting.  My mom got awful headaches from the first day because of the dust and pollen in the air.  She wasn´t able to go out much, but we did make it to Frida Kahlo´s house one day.  It was my first time going to the ¨Blue House.¨ It was beautiful, but most of the house is set up to display Frida´s artwork and I was hoping to get a better sense of how she lived in it.  Beautiful houses not used as houses always make me sad.

My mom left after just a week because her headaches kept getting worse.  It was definitely a good choice though. When I called her on her first day back in California she sounded like herself again, and here she was absolutely miserable. My dad has put off visiting so that he can stay with my mom.

Spending time with my aunt was amazing.  We spent mornings knitting under her expert guidance, visited knitting shops, ate at an amazing restaurant in Coyoacan, visited the Zocalo, Templo Mayor, the Ex-Convent, and Xochimilco.  Each day was relaxing but we managed to see and do a lot.  We had great meals at home and enjoyed Jose`s popcorn in the evenings.  It was a really great visit, and I started missing her the second we left the airport this morning.

Since I`ll be leaving in just over a month for school, having the apartment to ourselves again is nice.  I`m looking forward to spending a lot of good quality time with Jose. My excitement hasn`t faded at all, but the reality of how hard and lonely it will be is starting to hit me.  Waves of panic are making me freeze when I imagine just how difficult that part of going back to school will be.  In order to have one last month of happiness, I plan on lots of movies, ice cream dates, and Mexico City adventures.  We are even planning on taking a little trip to nearby Cuernavaca or Queretaro for a couple nights. Being apart from Jose and my dogs is worth everything that will come from me having my degree, and I`m hoping that a happy and romantic last month will make the separation a little easier.


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