Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping Busy

The waiting isn't nearly as bad as I expected.  Its day three since the appointment and all is going well.  We have even decided to not start checking the website until Monday.  I think the key is to stay busy.  Wednesday we flew back to Mexico City and stayed with Anna and Benjamin for the night.  Thursday morning we took a bus to Puebla and are now in Cholula, Puebla.  This is probably our favorite town in Mexico, because it's an awesome place and because it is where we got our dog.  We've been walking almost nonstop during the day and enjoying the sights.  There is perfect weather, by far the best I've been in for months.  Last night it rained and hailed, but Jose was watching the basketball game and I was reading a funny book, so it only added to the vacation feel.

We've got a pretty tight budget, but we're going to travel for as long as we can while we wait for Jose's decision.  It seems like the best way to pass the time and stay distracted.


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