Monday, June 6, 2011

The Night Before

Jose's appointment is tomorrow morning at 8 am.  We are staying in a different hotel that is a little farther from the Consulate, so he is going to take the hotel's free shuttle to the Consulate at 7 am.  I'm going to stay in the room and sleep, which is what I do best.  Jose is ironing his fancy outfit now and worrying about how his hair will look.  I convinced him to let his hair grow out and he is regretting it now that the 2-months-uncut hairstyle doesn't look as put together as he'd like for his appointment.  I think it looks fine, but worrying about his hair is a pretty harmless way to release his stress.

We took a 6 am flight from Mexico City and got to Ciudad Juarez at 8 this morning, after the longest 3 hour flight ever.  If you are doubting my math there, be aware that Ciudad Juarez time is an hour earlier than Mexico City.  I finally convinced Jose to let us try  a different hotel.  He has refused in the past to change anything, including our hotel choice, in case it messed up fate or something ridiculous like that.  But, I won at last, and we're staying in a nicer and cheaper hotel room with a microwave and fridge so we don't have to eat out.  We stocked up on cereal, beans, and tortillas at the Oxxo, although I have to admit I now kind of miss being forced to eat out.  Microwave quesadilla does not compare to Applebee's apple walnut blue cheese salad. Shocker.

Most importantly, we have the waiver packet with us, signed, and ready to turn in.  The Forum Family says waiver appointments have been taking about 2 hours.  Hopefully Jose will be back by about 10:30 am (9:30 California time) with a positive report.  Then the real stress begins.

Until tomorrow,

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