Saturday, November 7, 2009

Looking into Options

We are still in Mexico City, and Jose has gotten quite sick, so we are still working on recovering more than moving on. However, we are lucky enough to have a supportive family that is looking into our options for us.

My father has an appointment with our attorney on Tuesday to see what she can come up with. He has been doing a lot of research himself, and while there do appear to be possibilities, each has major drawbacks that appear almost impossible to overcome. We are waiting anxiously to see if the attorney can deliver some good news.

My godfather has discovered the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It looks amazing, and promising. I personally loved Canada both times I went, and have wanted to go back since. I think it could be a very comfortable place for us to stay for three years. We have a much better chance of creating a real life in Canada than Mexico. Plus, I love maple sugar candy, and a three year supply of it would be incredible!

Bit by bit, the world is starting to open up again and give us some room to move.


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  1. Hi there; UBC eh? What a fascinating thought and a good place to spend three years and keep education going. Among the best rugby games I played in (and we won) after returning to California was a home-and-home pair against UBC - really good folks in the l950's and I'll bet they still are. Keep in touch. Love, Brad