Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Attorneys, Still Trying

We are still in Mexico City, and Jose has gotten over his sickness. We haven't been doing very much, because we aren't in the mood for doing many touristy things. We would like to find productive things to do, but so far we haven't thought of anything. What are we supposed to do? I can't work, if Jose got a job I'd be left alone, and we can't go to school. I wish we could get jobs, even temporary, boring ones,because they would at least give us something to do and help pass the time. We spend all day thinking, and mix sleeping, playing with the dogs, and watching TV in with that. Its hard to actually have nothing to do and no responsibilities to take care of. We can't get out of this waiting game, and its dragging on for way too long.

We were trying to work on the student visa, but its going really slowly and questionably. We got the I-20 form that we needed from Cal Poly, but before we can submit it we need a letter from Jose's academic advisor. His advisor said he would write a letter for the waiver packet, and never did, and now he hasn't responded to our e-mail about the letter. All he has to do is say when he thinks Jose will graduate. It will take him 10 minutes to complete, and the entire packet is waiting on it.

I got an e-mail today from the woman at Cal Poly who is helping us with the form, saying that she thinks we might need a different version of it now, because Jose is in Mexico. She has never dealt with a situation like this, so she asked what our attorney thinks. Of course, our attorney doesn't know, and we are waiting for her to have a meeting with another attorney who knows about student visas. We started this first form, might need another, but can't find out quickly because we have to wait for our attorney to talk to another. Of course, even dealing with this form is all in hopes that the new attorney will say that Jose is even eligible for the student visa. We've gotten all excited about school again, with Jose planning out his classes to see when he would graduate, finding out that he could work part-time on campus, be eligible for scholarships, and even get inexpensive health care. It seems to me like we should have found out first whether Jose has a chance of getting the visa, before we start working on it and realize how amazing it would be.

My dad has an appointment on Tuesday with a really good attorney in San Francisco. I don't know the firm's name, but they have a really good reputation. My mom's friend used them when her and her husband were getting his citizenship and they had a good experience. He is a citizen now, and that's success enough for us. My dad is going to find out about appealing the three year bar. Apparently there is a time frame for appeals, and our time is running out, so we would need to start soon. It might be a long shot, but I really hope we can try.

For now, we just have to keep trying to get information, and hopefully there will be something we can do. Its starting to feel like options are slowly dropping off the list, and we are even more stuck than before.


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  1. I'm glad you aren't giving up. California needs you both.