Sunday, November 22, 2009

Student Visa Update

Our attorney talked to the student visa attorney, but he doesn't know if Jose is eligible or not. He is in Uruguay until the end of November, and in the beginning of December, he is coming to Mexico. When he gets to Mexico, he is going to ask around at the consulate to find out if Jose can apply for the visa or not.

We were hoping for an answer sooner, so we could start working on the visa if we got good news. Cal Poly's winter quarter starts in the very beginning of January. If we are told in the beginning of December that Jose can apply for the visa, it might already be too late to get back in time for winter quarter. He would have to wait until the start of the Spring quarter, which means we wouldn't be able to go home until the beginning of March.

The form we got from Cal Poly for the visa wasn't the right one, and we have been waiting for a few days to get the new one, but it hasn't come yet. I suppose it isn't as big a rush as before, since we have to wait until December anyways, but it would be nice to know it was done.

My dad is getting ready for the Tuesday's appointment by getting as much information together as he can, so if he is told we can appeal, it will move as quickly as possible.


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