Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mexico City, again

We are back in Mexico City, and finally able to relax. We still do not feel great, but it is wonderful to be back with Joses`s family and Cholula. They are so loving and supportive, they usually make dealing with this easier. Sometimes, however, it is harder to be with them rather than in a hotel, because their house is so full of love. Being alone in a hotel is extremeley impersonal, and it is easier to not think about everything we are missing out on with our families in the U.S. The Baltazar`s include us in everything and are always kind, but it makes us think about our families and how much we want to go home even more.

We both woke up with sore throats today, but it doesn`t look like it is anything serious. We really don`t want to deal with physical weakness while trying to build our emotional strength back up, so we spent most of the day in bed. Hopefully our bodies will recover completely quickly, and we can put all our energy into feeling better about our situation.

I am so glad we are young. I can`t imagine how we would be feeling if we were ready to buy a house, start our careers, or, above all, have kids, and we suddenly had to put everything on hold. The only thing we are really missing out on is our family, and luckily we have many ways to stay close. We are in a much better situation than we would be if we were even just five years older.


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