Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changes to the Process

Last Friday I went to an appointment at the American Consulate in Monterrey.  They are changing the appointment process a little by adding a new appointment at the beginning to fingerprint and photograph people, in an attempt to cut down the time in the first immigration appointment.  There was some confusion about whether I could get the appointment or if I needed it, because this is the first month that they are scheduling the new appointments.  The attorney's assistant couldn't schedule one, but I tried later and scheduled an appointment for last Friday.  I was pretty excited about it, even though it wouldn't change anything for the appointment on the 29th, just because it would make this really start again.  When I got to the Monterrey Consulate for the appointment, they told me I had to fill out a form online, but I don't have a barcode that is required for the form.  I didn't end up getting my fingerprints or photo taken.

I wasn't bothered that I did not get the appointment in Monterrey, but it does make me very nervous that they are changing the process right when I am starting again.  My attorney doesn't really understand what is going on because the changes are so new, and all the people I talked to at my medical exam today are also confused and nervous.  I originally got the three year bar at my first appointment in 2009 because things had changed suddenly and without proper warning for attorneys to understand them.  After waiting a year and a half in Mexico and getting my hopes up again, even though I am trying not to, it scares me to hear that I am the first to go through the new process.  I don't want to be punished again because no one knew what to expect.

I'm trying to stay calm and be positive, but everything feels out of my control.  Tuesday seems like it will never get here.

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