Friday, March 25, 2011

Medical Exam

I had my medical exam today.  In 2009, they were much nicer to me than they were this time.  When I went to see the psychologist, she was rude to me from the very beginning, starting with giving me a hard time because I look a lot different than I did at my last exam.  Then she kept trying to have me admit to using cocaine by slipping it in random sentences and asking me about it over and over again.  She even asked how my wife feels about my cocaine usage, after I had said three or four times that I have never used cocaine.  She asked me about why I wasn't in school until this January, what my friends in Mexico City were like, and what we did together.  I'm not really sure how that fit into the medical exam.  To be honest, I don't know why the entire exam went the way it did.  I've heard horror stories about how mean they can be and how they try to trick people, but I wasn't prepared for how inhumane it felt.

The consulate doesn't actually do the medical exams.  There are two private clinics next to it that contract with the consulate or something to provide the medical exams.  I think that lets them get away with treating people worse, because they don't have to even pretend to uphold American values.  No one even speaks English there, so I spent my entire exam trying to explain things in Spanish that were too medical and complex for my Spanish, but I could have done immediately in English.  I don't understand why I can't speak English at my appointments for immigrating to the United States.  It would make more sense for everything to be in English than in Spanish. 

I pick up my results from the medical exam tomorrow morning.  I think that if I get the black bag with the results I am good to go to my appointment on Tuesday.  If I don't get the black bag, it might mean that they tagged me as having some issue.  Apparently it happens pretty often.  I don't think I would have even been worried about getting my results if I hadn't been treated so badly in the exam today.  Just a few more hours, and hopefully this small part of the process will be behind me.


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