Friday, March 25, 2011

First Appointment Packet

I received the packet for my first appointment in the mail from the attorney.  At the appointment on Tuesday, I am going to present my medical exam results and the packet.  The consular official will ask me about myself, Emma, our relationship, and go over the documents.  She will then decide if I qualify for the second appointment on the spot.  If she approves me for the waiver appointment, it would allow me to submit the hardship packet that determines when I get to go home. The appointment I have on Tuesday is the same appointment where I was given the three year bar in 2009, so I'm really nervous.  I'm so close to already being farther along in the process than I got last time.

The packet has all the documents we collected proving that Emma and I have a bona fide marriage.  We have copies of joint bank account statements, joint magazine subscriptions, e-mails dating back from 2005 (those are kind of embarrassing), cell phone records, Emma's ID showing she took my last name, IDs showing the same home address, mail addressed to both of us, apartment leases with both our names, pictures, and our wedding invitation.  It makes us look pretty bona fide, but I have always known we are, so my opinion might not count for much.  The hope is that our packet and my correct answers to the official's questions about how and when we met, got engaged, and married will be enough to prove to her that I should be able to qualify for the second appointment.

I have a phone appointment with the attorney on Monday to go over everything before the appointment on Tuesday.  Since the policy changed so recently, none of know what to expect.  It is possible that the consulate has changed their policies but not their actions, but its also possible that they changed their policies and are going to approve a lot of people.  I sure as hell hope the consulate is following the policy changes, but actions speak louder than words. It all comes down to the outcome on Tuesday.

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