Friday, March 4, 2011

Tecnologico de Monterrey

I have now been in school for about 2 months and I am really enjoying it and happy to be back in school.  I am only taking three classes this semester because I didn't meat the prerequisites for two other classes I signed up for.  The three classes I am taking are: Thermodynamics, Music Appreciation, and Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements.  The quality of education here is unbelievable.  My professors are all female and very good professors.  They might be the best professors I have had so far during college.  They are all very good at presenting the material we cover in class.  My professors at Cal Poly were very good in their respective field of work but most lacked the teaching experience needed to able to present the material correctly in order for the students to understand it.  Music Appreciation is my only class taught in English. It has been really nice to be taught in Spanish at university level for the first time. At first I was a little worried about my classes in Spanish because although I speak Spanish, my vocabulary isn't the broadest out there, but it was not a problem at all.  At first I struggled with the professors' accents but it only took about a week to get use to.  Everyone here speaks with a very different accent than what I grew up hearing in California or what i grew accustomed to in Mexico City.  The students at the Tec are all from very wealthy families.  The Tec is the most prestigious and expensive university in Mexico and one of the best in Latin America.  Tec students pay around $6000 USD for tuition per semester which is a lot of money here in Mexico, well in the US too.  Walking around campus I feel as if I was back in California.  Everyone has very light skin, blue or green eyes, and are very tall.  Everyone looks like they could be American so sometimes as I walk through campus  and see a group of students talking I think to myself, "they are speaking English, I know they are," but sure enough they are speaking Spanish.  Out of all the students who are here studying as International Students, I am hands down the one who stands out the most.  All of the European students blend in with the regular student body.  It's been a little difficult making Mexican friends here at the Tec but I have made friends with a German and two Singapore International students.  I am really enjoying school and I am glad I am getting to experience university life in Mexico.

Sorry for not writing in so long.  I will try my hardest to keep you guys updated.


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  1. Thanks for updating us! I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying your classes. How fascinating that you had to go to Mexico to stand out! Who'd have thunk it? Love you lots and lots.