Monday, September 21, 2009

Comala, Colima

We went to Comala, a small town 15 minutes from Colima, for two days. It is beautiful, quiet, and cool. We think this is our favorite place in Mexico so far. We met friendly people, stayed in a nice place, and had good food.

Jose was most excited about Comala’s food. He had read online that Botaneros, which are like restaurants, serve appetizers when you order a drink. I was skeptical, but the first day in Comala, we went to one, and our table miraculously filled with appetizers just a minute after we ordered drinks. There were ceviche, flautas, tostadas, and fried tacos. The flautas were our favorite. They had a delicious green sauce and Mexican crema on top. The second time we went back, we ordered three additional plates of the flautas and thought we were paying for them, but when we got our bill we were only charged for Jose’s margarita (he finally ordered an alcoholic beverage) and my agua fresca. We got four plates of flautas, ceviche, tacos, tostadas, and two drinks for under 8 USD. I don’t know how they can afford to give away so much food, but they are famous for it. Jose felt like he was stealing, so he left 50% tips every time.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast, which was a first for us. Since it still isn’t tourist season, there was only one other couple for one night. Our room was a studio apartment in a building separate from the house. It was a very nice room, but we were a little uncomfortable with the breakfast part. The other couple did not eat breakfast, so both days we ate alone. The couple who owns the bed and breakfast serve breakfast in their own dining room, and it was awkward to have them serve us in what was obviously their personal space. The food they served was good, though. There was fresh squeezed orange juice each day, and one day they served us thin tostadas with mashed avacado, grated parmesan cheese, tomato, and oregano. It was also only 50 dollars a night for the studio and breakfast.

There was a fight in the plaza one evening. A woman started punching a mother, while her two young daughters stood their screaming. Someone broke it up, the woman who started it got back in her car and drove away, and the mother was left bleeding in front of her kids. It was really scary to see, but we feel a little safer now, because the federal police arrived just a minute after the fight. They were kind to the children, took care of the mother, and then drove them to the hospital. I like knowing that if we were to have a problem, we would have that kind of service available.

We didn’t have a chance to see the volcanoes, or the nearby town with a wooden mask maker. We liked the town so much, though, and spent so little time there, we are pretty sure we are going to go back.


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