Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

We are leaving Puerto Vallarta today to go back to La Manzanilla for Paul’s last night. We really like Puerto Vallarta, and want to spend more time here. It reminds me of a Mexican San Francisco. Of course, that means there are many differences between Puerto Vallarta and San Francisco, but for some reason, I think of San Francisco quite often.

Last night was Paul’s 21st birthday. Turns out we were staying in the Zona Romantica, also known as the gay zone, and ended up in gay bars. One was completely empty, and the second had five men in their 60’s. It wasn’t exactly a bumping scene for Paul’s birthday, but I enjoyed the second bar. The moment I walked in, the bartender looked me up and down and said “Do you have I.D.?” His tone of voice made it clear he did not expect I would. Jose and I ended up talking to him about our marriage for a long time, and he admitted he thought I was 15.

We then found a club with some young people in it. We first went in only to get dinner. It was Ladies Night, and the workers would not accept that I didn’t want to drink. Finally I ordered a margarita with ‘a little, little bit of alcohol.” I only got through about an eighth of it, but the servers stopped bothering me as soon as I had the “Free Bar” bracelet and a drink in front of me. We danced to American music, which I know is to be expected, but it was still disappointing. We had fun at the club, but went back home at about 12 am.

Last night was Paul’s first time being able to legally drink in the U.S., my first time ever being able to legally drink, and my first time in a bar or club. I liked the dancing, but the bar/alcohol part I would rather skip.

It has been so nice to be in Puerta Vallarta with Paul. We have done lots of walking, and found some really nice shops and vendors. Puerto Vallarta has turned out to be so much more than I expected. I feel more comfortable here than I have in almost all the other places we have been. It really is a beautiful and comfortable city.


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