Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We departed from La Manzanilla at 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 8th for Tecoman, which is in the small state of Colima. We took a bus from La Manzanilla to Barra de Navidad, where we caught another bus to Manzanillo. From Manzanillo it took us about an hour on another bus to Tecoman. My mothers uncle, Lucio, met us at the bus terminal in Tecoman. He took us to a little area where people serve hot food-- it was nice to have more than two options of places to eat. We both had a plate of rice and beans with two quesadillas and they were amazing! The cheese in La Manzanilla was disgusting, so we had not eaten any cheese since we came to Mexico. That was very hard on Emma, who loves all cheese, and me, who loves quesadillas. After lunch we caught a taxi to the little colony where his house is located in the outskirts of the city.

My great uncle, Lucio, is very well educated and knows so much more than I expected for a man who only finished the fourth grade. We have spent hours and hours talking about politics, economics, and even a little socialism. Turns out he was part of a socialist group about 18 years ago. He quit after he realized it was too risky, dangerous, and difficult to make a difference. He also said they were liars. He has traveled to Switzerland, Purtugal, Spain, and many states in Mexico.

He lives by himself in a three bedroom house. We are staying in one of the rooms. He has two daughters that live in Switzerland. One of the daughters is married to a Swiss man who speaks German. She is the eldest and can speak Spanish, English, and German. Her husband speaks really good Spanish. My great uncles younger daughter is currently married to Swiss man who also speaks German. She was married to a Portugese man for a few years before her current husband. The younger daughter is visiting with her husband and daughter, and will be arriving Saturday or Sunday this week.

In Tecoman, including my great uncle Lucio, I have four great uncles and aunts from my mothers side. I also have a great uncle from my fathers side who lives just outside of the city. We are going to visit all of them. It will be really nice meeting family that I have never met before. It will also be nice because I will be able to get a sence of what type of man my grandfather was.


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