Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Appointment

Today we found out that my second appointment will be on Wedensday October 28 at 9 am in Ciudad Juarez. At this appointment, I will turn in my waiver along with my forgiveness and hardship packet. I have to pay 545 US dollars in order to have the packet processed. Once the officials make a decision, I will go to a local DHL office and pick up a packet that will either have a Visa or not. The packet will be ready about a week after my appointment, so it looks like, if I am given a visa, we will be able to go home in the first week of November. Let´s hope!

Since our appoitment is a lot later than we expected, we will be doing a lot of traveling. We are excited to get to see some real Mexican parts of Mexico. We have plans to visit Mexico City, Guadalajara, Colima, Tecoman, Oaxaca, and maybe the Yucatan Peninsula. We have to do some more research, but we now have 8 weeks to fill. If anyone has suggestions about other places to see, we´d love to hear them!


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