Monday, September 21, 2009

Paul's Here!

Paul is here visiting us for 4 days. He flew into the Manzanillo airport, and we took a taxi to La Manzanilla. He liked the area, but did not enjoy the heat and humidity.

Luckily, Jose and I booked a hotel room on the beach in Puerto Vallarta for 2 nights. We stayed in La Manzanilla for one night, then took the 5 hour bus ride to Puerto Vallarta. The hotel room is nice, but most importantly for Jose and Paul, it is air conditioned. We have a nice balcony that overlooks the pool and the ocean, where I have been spending some nice reading time.

I love Puerto Vallarta. There is so much to do, the weather is good, and the area is pretty. Of course, this is not during tourist season, so no one is here. I doubt that I would like it very much when it is crowded, but now it means it is more comfortable and cheap.

Today is Paul’s 21st birthday, so we are going to go out and find some celebratory things to do.


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