Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leaving Colima

Tonight is our last night in the city of Colima. We have had a very relaxed stay and it has been exactly what we needed.

Yesterday, the 15th of September at 11 pm, Mexico celebrated their independence from Spain. Today the 16th is the actual day of Independence but we found out that president Porfidio Diaz changed the day to the 15th in order to celebrate both Mexico's independence and his birthday. There were celebrations going on in the downtown area but they all started around 10, an hour before the President presents the celebratory "Grito de independencia," or independence yell. Basically everyone yells as loud as they can and says "viva Mexico." We didn't go downtown at that hour, it was a little late for little Emma and I was way too comfortable in the hotel room. I did get to see some of the fireworks from outside of the hotel. Plus, it is mostly a drinking, partying sort of event, which is not our scene. It was nice to be here for Independence Day, and see the excitment.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Colima for Comala, a small town 15 minutes north of Colima. This town is know for its beauty and history. Its surrounded by two volcanoes and a few lakes. There are many artisan studios and strong native roots, along with Spanish influence. There is a 19th century church that we are very excited to see. There are also museums dedicated to Alberto Isaac, Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, and a cultural center.

We will be staying in a beautiful bed in breakfast in downtown Comala for two nights. We are, ok me more than Emma, very excited about all the appetizers the town is known for giving while having any type of local drink or plate in any downtown restaurant...can't wait.


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