Sunday, September 27, 2009

Puebla, Puebla

We have been in Puebla, Puebla for 2 days. It is a city of detailed, old buildings. Our hotel is right in the down town, and every street we have been on is absolutely beautiful. Some are tiled, which I haven't seen much, some are dark brick, and some are painted in bright colors. They all have lots of detail and special touches. The Zocalo, or downtown plaza, is lined with small restaurants with patios. There is a huge church, built in 1575, on one side of the Zocalo. It is the most beautiful church I have ever seen, both inside and out. This is an amazing city, where we could easily spend much more time. It is the cleanest place in Mexico we have seen, everything is old and grand, and the people are extra friendly.

While at the Zocalo yesterday, we felt a few little raindrops, and suddenly the few hundred people there started sprinting through the downtown. It looked like an emergency, with everyone running in all directions. They knew what they were doing, though, because about 10 seconds later it started to pour intensely. Everyone was huddled under the restaurant patios, and it was packed. We worked our way through the crowd and drank hot chocolate until the rain calmed down, but we were soaked and cold.

We haven't done much in Puebla, because Jose and I have both gotten colds. We take a few walks a day, but we never get very far. Luckily, our hotel is downtown, so we do not have to walk far to see important parts of the city. We are thinking of spending some more time here on our way back from the Yucatan, but we will have to see. We don't have all that much time before Jose's next appointment!


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